How You Can Work with Social Media Influencers?

If you want to pull off a very effective campaign for influencer marketing then you have to work with the right kind of social media influencers.

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What a social media influencer is?

In simple words, anyone, who can influence others can be called an influencer. Here, a social media influencer will be someone who can influence through social media. In what form he can influence may vary and it will not be same with two influencers.

A right influencer can easily reach your target audience, easily build trust, and also drive engagement. They can create original and engaging content. They will not be interested to follow any template advertising style that is provided by your brand.

Therefore, it is critical to work with social media influencers only those whose vision will align with your own. The influencers can also have millions of followers. Usually, an influencer can be a big celebrity too.

How can you find your right social media influencer?   

The following are 8 ways to find your right influencer suitable for your campaign.

  1. Consider the 3 ‘R’s of influence

The following 3 components are a must:

  • Relevance – A relevant influencer will share relevant content as per your industry and business.
  • Reach – Reach is how many people you could reach through your influencer’s follower base.
  • Resonance – This is the engagement level that an influencer can create within the audience that is relevant to your brand
  1. Know whom you are trying to influence

Surely your influencer campaign cannot be everything same to all kinds of people. You need to have an effective strategy that will be required for you to speak with the right kind of people by using the right kind of tools.

Here, in this case, it will be the right influencers. 

  1. Look for engagement 

Here the key will be complete trust. It is necessary that your audience should trust and also respect the opinion of your influencers with whom you are partnering with. Without having the trust component, whatever results that may come will be totally superficial. In fact, you will struggle to see any tangible impact on your business from your efforts.

  1. Go for a consistent feel, look, tone, and values

It is necessary to find someone who will be producing content with a certain look and feel that will complement your own.

Also, the tone must be an appropriate one for the way you like to present your own brand to any potential customers. This will make sure that things don’t feel so disjointed on social media posts of either party.

  1. Keep an eye for sponsorship saturation

You must keep an eye on what your potential influencers may be posting and also how often they are sharing sponsored content. If they are already hitting followers by using tons of paid posts, then their engagement rate will not last.

Try to look for lots of organic, non-paid content for keeping followers interested, engaged, and enthusiastic.

  1. Research and learn

Any in-demand influencers may get lots of offers. As you approach an influencer, you will have to show that you have put in enough time to learn all that they do.

Get to know what their channels are all about and who their audience is. Even it will be better, you start your approach slowly after interacting organically with the posts of your target influencer. Like their content. Whenever offered comment, be appreciative.

  1. Plan your budget

Influencers having extensive reach will also expect to be paid. A larger influencer campaign will need a budget. Just think about the payment structure that will make more sense for your goals.

Be ready to consider the needs of influencers too.

  1. Reach out personally and privately 

Any direct message will be a great place from where to start. If any email address is available, then try that too however avoid sending a mass email.

Often it may take much longer to write a separate personal message to each of the influencers. However, it will display that you are serious about having a potential partnership.