An Introduction to Social Media Management & Ad Campaigns.

As a business owner, you’re probably aware of the importance of marketing in the success of your business. However, modes of marketing are changing with time. Today, the most effective tools of marketing are social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These platforms have supplanted conventional modes of marketing.

Social media marketing has a lot of benefits, but its operation is a lot different from conventional marketing and requires constant analysis and change of strategy. Having an expert team that advises you on your ad campaigns is a blessing. Clubbish is one of the best consultancy firms when it comes to social media marketing.

Their services are very affordable, especially considering the quality of work they deliver. They are the perfect match for small and medium businesses that want to skyrocket their leads. Their strategies are based on scientific and mathematical calculations that keep in mind the past performance of the campaigns and customer interactions.

They have certified Google partners and the testimonials column on their website which speaks volumes for their services. They incorporate transparency in their work and with no hidden charges; you get the best quality of Ad Campaigns that will take your ad generated leads to the next level.

Advertising campaigns

When talking about Facebook Ads Management or any other social media ad campaign, having the right approach is very important. The conversion rate and the advertising spend must be compared with each other while assuming a scientific approach. The odds of finding the right client are significantly improved by social media marketing.

Google Ads Management also form a very important facet of advertising, but we will only be discussing Facebook Ads in this article. There should be a three-pronged strategy when it comes to Facebook Ads Campaigns.

The first facet is to increase the awareness of the brand. This is a very important step as it creates your brand image, which will enhance your credibility.

You can use email data and target the friends of existing Facebook users to increase awareness. The next step is acquisition. You must drive the traffic to your website’s sales pages or promotional pages. This way, you can engage with those people who already know your brand.

The final step is retargeting the audience. You can distribute discount codes among existing customers, which makes them return and buy from you. This enhances the loyalty of customers. You can also use email data to notify the existing customers about the latest deals, products, and changes in the business in which they might be interested.


Social media marketing holds a lot of value for a brand if used properly. The ads that you create must be targeted to the right audience and must serve the interest of the customer as well as you, only then will your ads generate leads.