Toilet Leaks – Causes And Simple Home Repairs To Correct The Leak

We have all faced continuous water leaks in the toilet bowl one or another time. Even after we are done flushing, water keeps running in the bowl at a slow pace but steadily. This causes immense water wastage and if the problem gets worse, it can also start flooding the bathroom floor.

This is why this form of toilet leak needs immediate attention. Not always a toilet leak needs a professional plumber’s assistance and can be sometimes corrected by a few quick fixes at home. At other times, the damage is quite complex and you will need to call an expert plumber to rectify the issue.

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Causes of toilet leaks

Evaluating the cause of the leak will solve half of your problem. The most common reasons behind toilet leaks are:

  • Misaligned toilet flapper which does not shut properly.
  • The water fill wall is loose and is causing the leak.
  • The water fill tubes are misaligned.
  • Overflowing of water in the toilet tank.
  • Cracked toilet tank.
  • Lose connecting bolts

Easy fixes for toilet leaks

First, identify the problematic area. Sometimes the problem is very minor such as a simple loose bolt that can be tightened to fix the leak, other times the toilet will need a complete replacement especially when the toilet tank has cracked.

The 3 most common fixes for toilet leaks are:

  1. An issue with the flapper:
  • Most of the time the rubber of the flapper gets rigid and unpliable.
  • You can easily find a new replacement for the rubber at your nearest hardware store.
  • It is an inexpensive fix and does not require much expertise.
  1. An issue with the gasket:
  • If the gasket is a problem, you mostly need help to handle the fix. You can ask a friend or call an expert plumber for the task.
  • After turning off the supply from the main line, you have to disconnect the tank from the toilet.
  • After completely separating the tank, replace the gasket and fix the tank back to its place.
  1. An issue with the supply line:
  • For loose nuts causing leaks in the supply line, use a wrench gently to fix them.
  • For holes in the main supply line, contact a plumber and get it repaired ASAP.

Also, check for the water level in the tank. Sometimes ballcock needs a little adjustment to stop the leak from happening altogether. Older ballcocks, however, need replacement.

For any of the fixes above, do not forget to shut off the water supply and empty the tank before you working on the problematic area. This will prevent flooding of the bathroom with wastewater and creating additional damages.