Interstate Moving Services

You have many things to consider when moving across state lines, even within one state. It is important to find the best interstate moving company that suits your needs. You should pay particular attention to the following: company’s services, available resources, years of experience, and range.

Interstate Moving Company

Sterlinginterstate has a variety of moving and packing services to meet your individual needs. We offer long-distance moving and storage that includes full-service packing, custom crating, fragile-only packaging for very delicate or large items, as well as do-it-yourself packing where we provide the materials.

Sterlinginterstate is a full-service interstate mover. We can help with vehicle shipping, piano transport, and other interstate moving needs. We offer online shipment tracking, so you can track the status of your interstate shipping shipment at any time.

Tips to Choose a Qualified Interstate Movers

It can be stressful to move short distances. If you’re trying to move across state lines or cross-country, it can be stressful. An interstate moving company is a great option to ease the burden and provide peace of mind. These are some tips to help you choose an interstate moving company.

All companies that handle your belongings over state lines must have the appropriate insurance. Ask for current insurance certificates.

Request a final quote for your interstate long move by comparing prices. Low bidders are often scammers and businesses who don’t want your best interests at heart. While newer companies might offer discounts or better pricing, they don’t have the experience to handle interstate moves.

For in-person quotations, ask. Online or over-the-phone pricing is only a rough estimate. A mover should be able to inspect your furniture and other belongings in order to provide an accurate price quote.

All staff members of Interstate Moving Companies should be professional, from the call center to the drivers and packers. Uniforms are used to identify your team members and vehicles should include the company name and contact information.

Steps to a Successful Interstate Move

We understand that you have many responsibilities when it comes to moving your family or business between states. This checklist will help you make your move as smooth as possible.

Downsize: Donate or sell items that you don’t need or want in your new area. Interstate moves can be costly. If you don’t have the funds to move it, let it go. You will be able to start from scratch in your new home.

Create a list of all your possessions, including their condition and value. Also, take photos. These documents will assist insurance in determining if something was damaged or lost during the move.

Insurance: Movers who are long-distance have insurance. However, you can opt for additional coverage to give you more peace of mind. For more information on policies, ask your agent or selected moving company.

Verify details: Check the details of your move during packing and transportation. Make sure your driver and packers have the most current contact information. You should also have their information. Double-check that the correct address is provided by your moving company and any changes to unloading, arrival, and departure times.

Planning ahead: A move interstate can take between two and five days from packing to unloading. You should keep a bag with all your essentials, prescriptions, phone chargers, and other items with you. You might also want to keep valuable or highly fragile items with you when moving.

You should make sure your vehicle is ready for driving across state lines. Make sure you have a tire rotation and an oil change. Also, ensure that your plates and insurance don’t expire during unpacking.

Interstate Moving Resources

Sterlinginterstate offers more than just full-service interstate moves. We also offer a wide range of resources to assist you in every stage of your move. Our website even has calculators that will help you to predict your mortgage payments.

Sterlinginterstate is your trusted interstate movers. We will handle all the details so that you can enjoy a change in scenery while you move to your new home.