Why Do People Store? Here Are The Top 7 Reasons Why People Use Storage

Do you wonder why self-storage units have been appearing everywhere? What could people be storing inside these storage units, you ask? Why are people using storage?

We had a good idea of who our customers are and what they need from us. But we decided to do more research. In the end, we found out what our customers wanted most.

1. To Alleviate The Stress That Comes With Moving.

There are many situations that we can find ourselves in when we move. Moving, no matter how far away or in another country, can be stressful.

Sometimes, temporarily renting a storage space can solve some common moving problems. For common reasons, people may rent a storage space during a move.

Moving scenarios that require self-storage

Downsizing. Sometimes it is difficult to organize all your belongings promptly when moving into a smaller home. Do not rush to make poor decisions that could lead to regret later. You can store excess in a storage container and sort it out once the move is complete.

Setting Up A Home To Sell. Own pets or children? Your home might contain many items that are not ready to be displayed at a real estate show. Many realtors recommend renting a small storage space to store some of your more fragile items off-site while you sell.

The Temporary Job With No Permanent Residence. Having a storage space with your home-based items is commonplace if you’re traveling abroad or in the military. You can move the storage unit to a more permanent location once you feel settled.

Consolidating Properties. This happens when a parent or a spouse moves in with a family member. In both cases, you will likely have a lot of stuff. A storage unit will allow you and your loved ones to make it through the transition.

2. To Create More Space In The Home.

Temporarily renting a storage unit allows people to slowly declutter their homes while keeping them tidy. People who are skilled in interior decorating may be able to rent storage units Three Way so they have different options for their decor.

3. To Keep Vehicles Safe During The Off-Season.

Customers store much more than their cars. Self-storage facilities are great for boats, motorcycles, and RVs. Most people don’t own a large enough garage or driveway to store their toys. Storage units can be a cheaper option.

There are many ways to store cars and vehicles outside of a standard storage area.

These options are available in most self-storage units:

  • Outdoor parking spaces
  • Outdoor spaces covered
  • Climate controlled indoor storage units

4. To Organize A Home Renovation.

While you might not be moving but you are building an addition to your house, it is possible to tear down the back of your existing home. You can use storage units to free up space for renovations and allow homeowners to work from anywhere.

5. To Store The Belongings And Memories Of A Loved One.

Not everyone’s priority when a family member dies is to go through their house. There will be an urge to clear the house so it can either be sold or rented.

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming if your grandparent or parent didn’t downsize in the later years. Customers who are going through a loss might place items in storage and have them processed when the item is less raw.

Allowing emotions to simmer for a brief time before going through someone’s belongings will make them feel less agitated. When people are emotionally better, it is possible to handle an item that was once the subject of a fight with more grace and less anger.

6. To Get Out Of A Dorm Space In The Summer.

The dilemma of what to do during summer is often faced by college students. Each June, college students and their families pack storage facilities near college campuses. It’s better than hauling a dorm room full of stuff back home to their childhood bedroom.

Storage Tip Consider renting a storage unit nearby a college university at least a month before you need it. This will ensure that you get the exact size you need.

Sometimes storage units will offer deals for the first month of rent. You could save money. Don’t wait too long as all standard sizes could be occupied, and you may have to move into a larger unit.

7. To Maintain Inventory Order In Businesses.

Ever tried to start a company and have it take control of your entire house? While it might seem smart to save money initially, it eventually becomes exhausting. Many small business owners rent storage units to keep their inventory.

Many businesses can benefit from storage units.

  • Carpenters, contractors
  • Antique and book dealers
  • Retail shop owners